My main research interests are development economics, domestic and international political economy, peace and conflict studies, refugee studies and critical security studies.

Within those general areas of interest I currently have three main research tracks: South-South relations and comparative regionalism , the roots and consequences of the Syrian conflict, and security studies in the Middle East North Africa from a critical perspective. You can find a list of my publications below. Please email me at if you’d like a copy of my publications.

I am also centrally involved with several research initiatives. I am a co-founder and co-director of the Beirut School for Critical Security Studies Collective , and a co-convener of The Latin East InitiativeI am also a member of the Political Economy Project and formerly served on its steering committee.


Books & edited collections

  • South-South Trade and Finance in the 21stCentury: Rise of the South or a Second Great Divergence. London: Anthem Press (co-authored with Firat Demir).



  • Attanmiya Ba’d al’azamat [Post-conflict development]. Booklet prepared for the Syrian League for Citizenship, Dar Al Mwaten Press, Beirut, 2014. Original language of publication: Arabic.

Articles & book chapters

  • “Toward a Beirut School of Critical Security Studies” Critical Studies on Security, 2018, 6(3) (with the Beirut School of Critical Security StudiesCollective).


  • “Latin America-Middle East Ties in the New Global South” Middle East Report 284, 2018 (with Alejandro Velasco).


  • “South-South and North-South Economic Exchanges: Does it Matter Who is Exchanging What and With Whom” Journal of Economic Surveys, 2017, Vol. 31, No. 5 pp. 1449-1486 (with Firat Demir).     Republished in Analytical Political Economy, eds.Roberto Veneziani and Luca Zamparelli 2018. John Wiley & Sons: New Jersey, pp. 339-380.


  • “Climate change and the Syrian Civil War Revisited,” Political Geography, September 2017, 60: 232-244 (with Jan Selby, Mike Hulme, and Christiane Frohlich).
    Published by Political Geography as part of special forum on Climate change and the Syrian civil war with replies by Kelley et al. (pp. 245-247); Gleick, Peter H. (pp. 248-250); Hendrix, Cullen S. (251-252) and a rejoinder by Selby, Dahi, Frohlich, and Hulme (pp. 253-255)


  • “The UN, the Economic and Social Commission for West Asia, and Development in the Arab World,” in Land of Blue Helmets: the United Nations and the Arab World, 2016. eds. Karim Makdisi and Vijay Prashad. Berkeley: UC Press.




  • “The Refugee crisis in Jordan and Lebanon: the need for economic development spending,” Forced Migration Review, September 2014.


  • “The Economic Consequences of the conflict in Syria,” Turkish Review, April 2014. (with C. Ella Wind).


  • “Preferential Trading Agreements and Manufactured Goods: Does it Matter Who You PTA With?” Applied Economics 2013, 45(34):4754-4772 (with F. Demir).


  • “Trade Flows, Exchange Rate Uncertainty and Financial Depth: Evidence from 28 Emerging Countries” Southern Economic Journal, 79(4) 2013 (with M. Caglayan and F. Demir).


  • Tutto cio che i petrodollari possono comprare” (“The Saudi Arabian economy”), Limes Rivista Italiana di Geopolitica, no. 9, Fall 2013


  • “The political economy of the Egyptian and Arab Revolt” International Development Studies Bulletin, 43(1) January 2012.


  • “Revolts in Syria: Tracking the Convergence Between Authoritarianism and Neoliberalism,” Journal of Asian and African Studies(47) 2012 (with Y. Munif).

German translation: INAMO Middle East journal, Winter Issue 2011

Arabic translation: Bidayat journal, Winter/Spring 2012 (inaugural issue)

Reprint Sanhati Journal. “Revolts in Syria:Tracking the Convergence Between Authoritarianism and Neoliberalism,” Sanhati Online Journalwww.sanhati.comOctober 16, 2011.

Reprint Z Magazine“Syria’s Revolts” November 2011.

  • “Understanding the Political Economy of the Arab Revolts,” Middle East Report, Summer 2011.

Swedish translation: Fronesisjournal, April 2012.

  • “Asymmetric Effects of Financial Development on South-South and South-North Trade: Panel Data Evidence From Emerging Markets,” Journal of Development Economics,2011 (with F. Demir).


  • “South-South Trade in Manufactures : Current Performance and Obstacles for Growth.” Review of Radical Political Economics 40(3): 266-275, 2008 (with F. Demir).


  • “The Middle East and North Africa.” A.K. Dutt and J. Ros (eds.), International Handbook of Development Economics. Edward Elgar, 2008 (with F. Demir).

Essays and reviews:

Spanish translation:

Arabic translation:الهجمات-بالسلاح-الكيماوي- والتدخلات-العسكرية

  • Review of The Poorer Nations: a possible history of the Global South, by Vijay Prashad. Jadaliyya, May 13, 2013

Available at:

Arabic version:

Arabic translation: Al-Manshouronline newspaper, April 16, 2012

German translation:  INAMOMiddle East journal, Fall Issue September 2011

  • Review of Ambiguities of Domination(arabic translation), by Lisa Wedeen. Journal of Palestine Studies, Fall 2011 (in Arabic). (invited)
  • “The Arab Revolts,” Center for Popular Economics Newsletter, April 2011
  • “Critique of Neoliberalism in Syria,” Syria Comment, November 13th, 2009. Available at:
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